• Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)


Boys Hostel


Students staying in the hostel are the under control of direct supervision of the hostel wardens. Hostel residents, under no circumstances, are permitted to entertain any guests during any part of the day or night. The hostel building is well-built, covering all the amenities. We provide study halls and mess facility. The room provided is large with sustainable beds. Students are expected to follow the orders, rules, and regulations of the hostel authority. Only registered students are allowed to enter and stay in the hostel. Students are asked to report to the report room for an outdoor visit. Students are expected to keep their ID cards all the time. Cleanliness and tidiness should be practised compulsory all the times. Breaching of any rule will be replied with the strict actions.

Girls Hostel


The hostel is maintained by the college authorities for the benefits of the girls. Only students those are full time are eligible for hostels admissions. The students are required to pay full hostel fees before joining itself. Admission to the hostel is entirely at the discretion of the college authorities. A satisfactory conduct, regular attendance and good performances in the classes and examinations will be taken into consideration for re-admission to the hostel. The student admitted to the hostel is subject to the rules and regulations laid down by the college authorities. The hostel is headed by the Hostel Warden, Assistant Wardens, and General Monitors. Residents are expected to show the due respect to the rules, regulations, fellow mates, fellow wardens, and warden. Breach of the rules are highly restricted and any such deed will face strict actions. We provide high security for girls hostels. The hostel is 24*7 guarded by multiple watchmen. Only family members are allowed to visit the hostel.