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Bachelor Of Physiotherapy

"Physiotherapy" means a branch of modern medical science, which includes examination, assessment, interpretation, physical diagnosis, planning and execution of treatment and advice to any person for the purpose of preventing, correcting, alleviating and limiting dysfunction. The program is taught by qualified faculty and has a balanced exposure of both academic and clinical training. The undergraduate program is for four and a half years (4 years + 6 months Internship) with a well-organized curriculum and delivery modes emphasizing on evidence based practices. Eligibility: The candidates should have passed the qualifying 12th std./HSC examination having Group B or AB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as Mandatory subjects.


BHMS - Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medicine And Surgery

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is an undergraduate course in Homeopathy science. It is the holistic system which is built on treating the individual with high-quality diluted substances that are mainly given in tablet form, that triggers the body immune system. The tenure of this course is 5 1/2 years including internship. This course provides an individual with a deep knowledge of Homeopathy medicinal system. This course can also be pursued through correspondence or through a distance education program. This program is grossing appreciation worldwide due to its natural way of healing without any side effects.A medical student must definitely be acknowledged for every disease and health issues in a normal human's life including psychology. The course will also allow you to practice privately or become faculty member in any of the medical institutions, since Homeopathic treatment is extensively favored in India.

DMLT - Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory technology is also known as clinical laboratory technology, it is a healthcare professional technology that educates students to perform chemical, hematological, immunologic, histopathological, cytopathological, microscopic and bacteriological diagnostic practices on the body fluids including blood, urine, sputum, stool and cerebrospinal. These scientists practices at hospitals reference labs, biotechnological labs, and non-clinical industrial labs. Education regarding tests that are performed on tissues. This course provides the knowledge to analyze the data in five major categories, which are Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Microbiology and transfusion medicine.The paramedical course prepares students to study for different diseases, the detection process and diagnosis for curing it. Procedures like operating electronic and electrical lab apparatus, patient record maintaining and progress monitoring also can be studied through this course.

D.X-RAY - Diploma In X-Ray & Imaging Technology

Diploma in X-RAY and Imaging Technology has a tenure of 1-2 years. This diploma includes more of general education courses than certificate programs. The core concept of Radiography imaging and radiography safety stays the same as the topics covered in clinical rotations. The course is concerned with the direct administration of radiation, primarily x-rays, in the diagnosis of disease and injury assessment. This course is beneficial to train the student in a prevailing X-RAY Technology as well as modern imaging techniques. This course is about training the students some alternative procedures which are not routinely performed. This course is beneficial for higher studies also.. The syllabus often consists of several opprtunities for hands-on exercise. This widespread program covers up patient care and clinical anatomy. The domain offers wide scope in government and private sector.

Diploma In C.T Scan Technology

Diploma in C.T Scan is a course with the tenure of two years. C.T Scan diploma also known as computed tomography scan. This course educates the student to make use of computer - Processed combinations of many x-rays measurements taken from different angles that produce cross-sectional images. C.T Scan educates the student regarding Head, Lungs, Angiography, Cardiac, Abdominal and Pelvic area.CT scan is used for scanning interior body parts like bones, brain, soft tissues and blood vessels. This imaging method uses X-Ray to scan them. The scanned images are taken from various angles for better diagnosis. The final images are then considered and observed by proficient and professional Radiologists or doctors and decide on further diagnosis.

Diploma In Optometry Technician

Optometry is a health care professional diploma, with the tenure of 1 years. It involves the education regarding examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects and abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease. Students are trained to work as assistants to eye care providers. The curriculum focuses on the indistinctive tasks to provide eye care to patients. The subjects this course include is -
1. Optical dispensing
2. Ophthalmic pre-testing.
3. Clinical ophthalmic procedures.
4. Ophthalmic speciality testing.
5. Contact Lenses .

Diploma In Cathlab Technician

This Diploma Course trains students to be a catherization laboratory specialist. The diploma consists of knowledge regarding the field of cardiovasculat technologies. This diploma allows the students to learn about the responsibilities of ensuring the EKG equipment and its working order during the procedure. Students are trained to moniter the EKG readouts and keep the doctor apprised if anything abnormal comes to the notice.Catheterization laboratory technicians perform with other medical specialized people while the cardiovascular procedures and surgeries are being executed. They require at least an associate's degree in either science or applied science for best entry-level designations. The course is now emerging with wider scope and respectable salary in the industry.

The Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician

The Diploma in Operation Theatre technician has been introduced in the colleges and has been specially designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the field of operation theater management, medical ethics, anesthesia technology, and post-operation care. The tenure to complete this diploma course is 2 years. Curriculums students need to follow are -
1. Applied Anatomy and Physiology.
2. Clinical Pharmacology.
3. Clinical Microbiology
4. Medical Ethics
5. Anasthetics Techniques.
6. CSSD Procedures.
7. Intensive care.

Diploma In Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology

The course duration of this diploma program is 2 years. The objective of this diploma program is to educate students about the medical imaging techniques that are used to generate images of inner human anatomy. Images acquired are used to diagnose the condition of the human body. This course allows students to gain knowledge regarding operating the scanner, record the images and hand over the images to diagnose. MRI technicians have the scope for a job at hospitals, clinics and medical imaging labs offering MRI scan services.There is a great requirement today for well-educated and specialized radiology technologists in clinics, hospitals and physicians. The radiography field will be continued to present more than average job growth in future. After completion of degree in this domain you will become a respectable Radiology Technologists/ Radiographer, Radiologist (MD), Radiology Technicians, MRI Technician, Ultrasound Technician/ Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, CT Tech / CAT Scan Technologist/ CT Scan Technologist.

Diploma Sanitary Inspector

The course duration of this diploma program is o1 years. The objective of this diploma program is to impart technical training supplemented by the practical training program to the students aspiring to join health and sanitation departments of Municipal Bodies. This diploma course grants you the scope of the job in departments like Municipal Bodies, District Council, Railways, Five Star Hotels, Food, and Drug Administration, Airports or similar services in other organisations. This diploma program trains the students to deal with Health and Sanitation problems which include knowledge of preventive health, family welfare, environmental conditions etc.The course promotes betterment of humanlife and helps to enjoy a cleaner and safe life. This encourages the prevention of various dangerous disorders which can also ruin a person's life. The medical course is encouraged by many and supports family welfare, environmental conditions etc. The year's course can actually make life better and healthy for the current and upcoming generations.