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Educational Event

Educational Event

Our college arranges various educational visits which include Old age homes, special schools, industrial sectors etc. These visits help our students to improve knowledge, enhance assessment and treatment skills. Educational Events are a part of student's learning and the knowledge they gain apart from the regular academics. The events we organize are for the promotion and betterment of students and their exposure to the modern techniques in medical sciences. Such special events and occasions are the motivation for being more anxious and gain wider awareness and understanding in the domain. Since there are several other emerging fields in medical industry, we make sure every pupil gains the right amount of familiarity and acquaintance that creates larger scope for humankind.


Women's health awareness activity conducted by LSFPEF college of physiotherapy Nigdi, Pune. College staff was invited there for lecture on women's health. We conducted lectures on different topics of women's health and problems related to old age. We demonstrated them different form of exercises related to their problems and home ergonomic advice.

Total Participants :40 Males and Females

Instructor : Dr. Gargi Bhalekar And Dr. Sanjivani Ramesh Khandale

Place :Sant Tukaram Udyan, Nigdi, Pune

Date :April 2017


Geriatric Activity Conducted By LSFPEF College of Physiotherapy Nigdi Pune. College staff with students visited in old age home. Generally old age citizen are treated as 'unwanted'. They feel neglected and become prone to diseases. We arranged small lecture on "health and hygiene", and geriatric assessment was done for each person. Students taught them exercises according to their complaints.

Date : 29 June 2017

Activity : Geriatric Old Age Home Visit

Instructor : Dr. Pradeep Borkar, Dr. Sanjivani Ramesh Khandale and final year BPTh students.

Place : Row House No 8, Empire Estate, near ranka jewelers, chinchwad pune.

Total Participants : 15 male and female


A lecture on gender equality was delivered to the students of KirtiVidyalaya, Nigdi. Interns performed a small skit on awareness of gender equality for the students.

Date : 5th February 2018

Time : 9 am to 1 pm

Activity : Lecture and skit on gender equality

Instructor : Dr. GargiBhalekar

Place : KirtiVidyalaya, Nigdi

Total Participants : 15 male and female



The institute conducted a lecture series for the girls of MS-CIT institute in Nigdi. The lectures were delivered by Dr. Ruchita and Dr. Sanjivani. At the end of the session there was a question-answer session for participants. All the participants were extremely active throughout the session.

Date : 1st June 2018

Time : 1 pm to 2 pm

Activity : Awareness lectures on Menstrual Hygiene

Coordinator : Dr. Sanjivani Khandale, Dr.Ruchita Killedar

Place : MS-CIT institute, KirtiVidyalaya, Nigdi

Participants : Girls of MS-CIT institute (aged 16 to 25)


A quiz competition was held for all the students of LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy. The quiz competition was based on “Menstrual Cycle, hygiene and awareness about the same”. Quiz was conducted in four rounds.

Date : 4th June 2018

Time : 1 pm to 2 pm

Activity : quiz competition on “Menstrual Hygiene”

Coordinator : Dr. Sanjivani Khandale, Dr. Ruchita Killedar

Place : LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy

Participant : Students of LSFPEF’s college of Physiotherapy


Open discussion was arranged on 30th July 2018 in LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi Pune 12:30 pm to 03:30 pm.

Dr. Neha Kamat was invited as a Guest speaker for the discussion.

The topic of discussion was women empowerment

The discussion was attended by all staff and students.

Important points like integrity, affirmation, attachment in women’s life etc. were discussed.

It was an interactive session and everyone enthusiastically participated in the discussion.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.

After the session ended, feedback of staff and students was taken. The feedback of students was good and they were satisfied with the session.

Date : 30th July 2018

Time : 12:30 pm to 03:30 pm.

Activity : Open Discussion

Coordinator : Dr. Sanjivani Khandale, Dr. Ruchita Killedar

Place : LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune.

Total Participants : All staff and students


Interns of LSFPEF’s college of Physiotherapy gave lectures on various aspects of “Cardiac health” including diet, fitness, exercise, medicines and overall prevention of cardiac diseases. At the end of the program, there was a free interaction session where queries of participants were answered by expertise in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Date : 29th September 2018

Time : 11 am to 1 pm

Activity : Awareness lectures on cardiac diseases-prevention and treatment approaches.

Coordinator : Dr. Virendra Meshram, Dr. Ruchita Killedar

Place : LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune

Participant : subjects from geriatric opd of LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy