• Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)



Well specified anatomy lab with cadavers and human specimen. Life size human anatomy models to make hands on education better. We make the students understand the organization of the human body so that they can identify and describe anatomical aspects of muscles, bones and joints of the various regions and understand the application of anatomy in practice of physiotherapy. Students who brilliantly execute well in the course can successively become eligible to apply for a designation as an undergraduate teaching associate. This offers valuable teaching and leadership experience (practice) and the opportunity to support with various dissections. Students persuing such careers in health sciences are claiming this course to be of extraordinary preparation and training for greater advanced study.


Well equipped lab with latest microscope, Pulmonary Function Test instrument, Electrocardiography machine and other devices. The students are explained the normal functioning of all the organ systems and their interactions for well-coordinated total body functions. Students acquire the skill of basic clinical examination, with special emphasis to exercise tolerance/ Ergography.Students who have exceptional performance in the domain can consequently apply for a designation as an undergraduate teaching subordinate. This offers respected teaching and leadership practice and the opportunity to help in preparing and organizing laboratory materials. The applied implementation of physiological theories in this course offer an important step for pupils going on to graduate gain training in physiology and greater health sciences.


We have latest instruments and gadgets to gain practical knowledge. Students understand the basic mechanical principles and effect of exercise therapeutic modality in the restoration of physical function. The students describe and also acquire the skills of application and demonstration of the use of various tools used for the therapeutic exercise. The students understand the basic bio-mechanical principles in Physiotherapy.Exercise Therapy lab is furnished with all latest technological tools & equipments used to recover the patient. The lab consists of equipments like Shoulder wheel, Parallel bars with postural mirror, suspension apparatus, pulley, Delorme's table, tread mill, swiss ball, twister, multi exercise bed, thera tubes, hand rehab unit, medicine ball, thera bands, wrist and hand exerciser, walking aids, ankle exerciser etc. the lab has not only given better walk of like to the patients but also wider scope to the teaching staff as well.