• Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)

Cultural Event

Ganesh Festival

India is a land of fair and festival, and we make every possible move to care for our culture and its sentiments. The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Festival is celebrated in order to give our children a chance to involve in the religious terms and enjoy the joy it brings along. In order to celebrate we establish a statue of Lord Ganesh and worship it every day, where everyone gathers to offer their prayers. The ritual is followed for all the days. In order to make it more enjoyable, we arrange different games and competition so that students get to do more curricular activities.

Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering

Annual gatherings are a great way to encourage students to pursue their talents and hobbies and bring them in front of the whole crowd. We organize annual gatherings in order to inspire our students to be more outspoken and help them develop their personality. The annual gathering is followed by the conduction of various sports activities. It helps the students to know each other and build the strong college community. It gives a lot of students a huge stage to showcase their talents. The annual gathering is not just fun but a very great platform for improvement.