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  • Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)

Visting Faulty


Sr No Year Name of the Lecturer Subject Qualification
01 First Dr. Dineshkumar Patel Anatomy M.D
02 Dr. B.R Zambare Anatomy M.D
03 Dr. Zoya Pansare Physiology MBBS
04 Dr. Sachin Sarpotdar Physiology M.D
05 Dr. Chavan Santosh Biochemistry
06 Second Dr. Suvarna Wagh Pathology MBBS
07 Dr. Janice Jaison Pathology MD
08 Dr. Rahul Kedare Pharmacology, PHD (Pharmac)
09 Dr. Raje Archana Psychology MA
10 Dr. Gaikwad Savita Psychiatric MBBS
11 Dr. Anand Kalaskar Microbiology M.D (Microbiology)
12 Third Dr. Jagdale Anand Surgery M.D (Surgern)
13 Dr. Bharat Oza Surgery M.S
14 Dr. Anand Kalaskar Medicine MBBS
15 Dr. Kundap Ritesh PSM M.D (Community)
16 Dr. Nilesh Patil Ortho MBBS (Ortho)
17 Dr. Mistry Bijal Gynecology M.D ( Gynac)
18 Final Dr.Arati Shivanikar Bio-Stat