• Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)



Our library aims at providing access to its printed resource such as books and journals and electronic journals too, for the use of student and staff. The library is one of the most important parts of an educational system and we want to make sure od students get this facility to the fullest. We provide a library with books on a large scale. Our college not only provides academic books but we offer creative books also. Our library stock increases per year. Our library is supervised by a committee involving a librarian and few members of the faculty. The day-to-day running of the library is done by the librarian and staff. The holdings of the library are checked annually by the librarian. Each member of the college is assigned an access card using which a student or college member can use the books of the library. We also provide monthly magazines to our students, that informs them with all the current issues going around the world. We also provide newsletters. Students can also recommend the books by filling the recommendation forms. Students need to return the book within a period of a week and can renew it if they want it for some more time.