• Late Shree Fakirbhai Pansare Education Foundation's College of Physiotherapy Pune

    (Affiliated By Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik)

Educational Event

Physiotherapy OPD Inauguration

On occasion of honorable director Dr. Zoya Pansare ma’am’s birthday, physiotherapy OPD was launched at LSFPEF homeopathy college, Chinchwad. Foundation’s trustee Hon. Mr. Nihal Pansare, Director Dr. Sham Ahirrao graced the occasion.

World Menstrual Hygiene Day

On occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, a Webinar on “Unfolding the benefits of Menstrual Cup” was organized. Introduction about Menstrual Cup, the advantages of the Menstrual Cup, techniques of insertion and removal of the cup, maintaining hygiene while using the same in details was given. Demonstration of the techniques of “Folds” of the cup used while inserting was shown.

International Yoga Day 2021

On occasion of International Yoga Day 2021, a Webinar on “Yoga for Wellbeing” was organized. Dr. Sandesh Sakpal gave brief theoretical information about Yoga, Effects of yoga. He then started demonstrating the Asanas. He performed Pranayam techniques like Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramari, Sitkari, Chanting Om and various asanas like.

Lion’s Club of Pune Cricket Tournament

Lion’s club of Pune Rahatani Organized Lion’s Veteran T20 Cricket tournament from 2nd to 5th February and from 12th February to 14th February 2021 in Thergaon. Four interns gave physiotherapy services in the tournament. Interns were highly appreciated for their work. They received certificates as well as trophy as a token of appreciation.

PhysioNext series – Mackenzie Concept on Virtual Platform

On 15th October 2020, Department of musculoskeletal PT organized a workshop on Mackenzie concept by Dr. Asha Menon (Dip. MDT, BSc PT Bom) Diplomaed in mechanical diagnosis and therapy, Otago university New Zealand and clinically trained at NHS, UK. Dr. Asha Menon is executive director of Mackenzie Institute India. Also, she is an international faculty for Mackenzie concept. The webinar was very informative and enlightening for all the participants

World Arthritis Day 2020

On occasion of Bone and Joint Week, Department of Musculoskeletal PT organized a webinar on Artritis- An overview by Dr. Nilesh Nangre(MS. Orthopaedic Surgery). The Webinar was a very informative session. All the students, staff and patients actively participated in this program and gave positive feedback for the same.

World Physiotherapy Day 2020

Musculoskeletal Department of PT organized “the poster making competition” on occasion of “World Physiotherapy Day” on 8th Sept 2020. Theme of this event was “Physiotherapy in Covid 19”. Students enthusiastically participated. Prizes announced were- 1000/-, 500/- with certificates.

International Geriatric day on virtual platform

A Virtual aerobic fitness program for elderly was celebrated on 16th Oct 2020 by Department of Community PT. Elderly participants were made aware of physiological changes during aging. A live aerobic session was streamed. The elderly people were monitored throughout. All the participants gave good response and satisfactory feedback.

World heart day 2020

Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory PT organized a webinar on “Basic Life Support” by Dr.Madhur Kulkarni on 29th Sept 2020. This webinar was arranged with the objective of spreading knowledge about BLS. Dr. Madhur used many audio visual ques so as to give an idea about practical application of BLS. There were total 100 participants attended the webinar.

World organ donation day 2020

On this occasion a webinar was organized in association with “Mohan Foundation, Pune” on 12th Aug 2020. Dr. Sunil Shroff, Dr. Jimmy Gupta and Mrs. Pratima Phadtare were the resource persons for the webinar. Participants were made aware about current scenario of Organ donation in India, social barriers, myths and facts about organ donation. The session was very informative and students enjoyed thoroughly.

Webinar on Stress Management

On occasion of Birthday of our Trustee Mr. Nihal Pnasare, a webinar on Stress Management was organized on 1st Aug 2020. Resource person was Dr. BK Smita. The objectives were to understand the causes of stress in day to day life, to understand strategies of stress management. Dr. BK Smita taught participants how to overcome with anxiety.

Physiotherapy Approach towards physical fitness during covid 19 pandemic

On occasion of Birthday of our Director Dr. Zoya Pansare, online fitness session was organized on 12th June 2020 for all students, their parents, patients and teaching staff. All the exercises were demonstrated by interns of the college. The program was appreciated by all the participants.

International yoga day 2020

On occasion of “International Yoga Day 2020”, a virtual Yoga Session was organized on 23rd June 2020. The Yoga poses and meditation techniques were demonstrated by Ms. Swarada Deshpande. Participants were asked to perform as well. The program was appreciated by all.

Zumba session

On occasion of World Heart Day, a free Zumba session was arranged in college campus on 30th Sept 2019. Miss Juhi Mishra, a trained instructor was invited. She demonstrated Zumba steps, and everyone joined with her. Everyone enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Electromyography and Nerve Conduction 18th January to 20th January 2019


Resourse Person : - Dr. Manisha Talpallikar

Activity : -Hand on workshop

Three days hand on workshop on Electromyography and Nerve Conduction studies was organized in the college from 18th January to 20th January 2019. Dr. Manisha Talpallikar was the resourse person for this workshop. Students learnt to perform EMG and NCV practically on patients. Participants were taught how to analyze EMG NCV reports.

Vestibular Rehabilitation 13th January 2019


Resourse Person : - Dr. Dhara Kapoor

Activity : -One day hands on workshop

One day hands on workshop on “Vestibular Rehabilitation” was organized in the institute on 13th January 2019. Dr. Dhara Kapoor was the resourse person for this workshop. It was a great learning opportunity for students. Students learnt the art of correct diagnosis and treatment of vertigo.

Worlds Disability Day 4th December 2018


Time : -01 to 04 pm

Coordinator : - Dr. Pradeep Borkar and Dr. Ruchita Killedar

Activity : -Guest Lecture on Disability Evaluation

Coordinator :- LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune

Participants : -Third year BPTh, Fourth year BPTh, Inetrns and faculty members


By. Dr. Suvarna Ganvir (BPTH, MPTH, PHD, PGDR, PGDEPI, Professor & HOD Dept of Neurophysiotherapy)

DVVPF'S College of Physiotherapy Vilad Ghat, Ahmednagar, Member of UG & PG Board of Studies MUHS Nashik.

A3rd December is observed as “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” worldwide. On this day guest lecture on “Disability Evaluation” was arranged at LSFPEF’s College of Physiotherapy. Resource person for this lecture was Dr. MukundPande, HOD, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, B J Government Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.

PhysioNEXT 16th January 2018



By. Dr. Suvarna Ganvir (BPTH, MPTH, PHD, PGDR, PGDEPI, Professor & HOD Dept of Neurophysiotherapy)

DVVPF'S College of Physiotherapy Vilad Ghat, Ahmednagar, Member of UG & PG Board of Studies MUHS


Approved faculty of MUHS for Research Methodology workshops.

Faculty of Medical Education Technology and Teacher's Training, MUHS Nashik.

  • 1. Basics of Research Methodology.
  • 2. Discussion of ICF Principles and It's application.

PhysioNEXT 5th January 2018



BY. Dr. Sudeep Kale (MPTh) (Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy)

Associate professor, Terna Physiotherapy college, Navi Mumbai Executive Member, Maharashtra State

Occupational Therapy and physiotherapy council, Mumbai

B.O.S Member Occupational Therapy, BASLP & BPO

  • 1. To Aware about legal rights of Physiotherapy profession
  • 2. Physiotherapy issues & clarication
  • 3. Discussion on Airway care in ICU

PhysioNEXT 29th November 2017



BY Dr. Ali Irani (PT) (HOD of Physiotherapy)

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Dr. Balabhai Navavati Hospital, Mumbai

President Indian Association of Physiotherapy, Principal of NMIMS University

  • 1. Physiotherapy in India
  • 2. Recent trends in sports
  • 3. Live Demonstration of new techniques for neck and back
  • 4. Health and Fitness

PhysioNEXT 4th November 2017



By Dr. Varoon C Jaiswal (MPTh) (cardiovascular & Respiratory Physiotherapy)

Associate Professor, HOD of Preventive Cardiology MEERs, College of Physiotherapy,

Talegaon Dabhade, Pune

  • 1. To Know the importance and benefits of body weight exercise
  • 2. Modification of body weight exercises
  • 3. General assessment guideline to prescribe body weight exercises
  • 4. Exploring use of body weight exercise in various general medical condition

Workshop on Thera-Band 13th & 14th Sept 2015

Role of Bands & Balls in Physiotherapy

By Dr. Mahendra Kumar Yadav (PT) Associate Professor, Sikkim Manipal Colege of Physiotherapy Certified Thera-Band Silver Level, Advance Instructor Thera-Band Acadamy USA, 5th Mile-Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkim, India

  • 1. Elastic resistance training
  • 2. Exercise ball training
  • 3. Balance and sports injuries rehabs
  • 4. Injury specific Re-habitation

Workshop On Total Knee Rehabilitation 28 April 2015

One Day Workshop on Total knee Rehabilitation

By Dr. Alpana Dongre (PT) (MPT (Orthopadic & Sport Physiotheraphy) Fellowship American back society Cert. Medical Acupuncture

  • 1. Functional Anatomy
  • 2. Biomecanics & Patomechanics of Knee in walking, Running, Squatting & Stair Climbing
  • 3. Total Evaluation of Knee
  • 4. Preventing Measures & Orthotics
  • Total Knee Rehab.